40 Days In America 2018 | Travel Video

40 Days In America 2018 | Travel Video

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So myself and Chelsea decided to put our busy lives on hold for 40 days to go on a trip around America, flying to New York for a couple of days, then to LA to pick up our campervan which we lived in for the remaining 30 days.

The places we managed to visit on our trip were:
New York NY
Brooklyn NY
Los Angeles CA
Joshua Tree CA
San Diego CA
Phoenix AZ
Zion National Park UT
Little Colorado UT
Grand Canyon AZ
Las Vegas NV
Death Valley CA
Lake Tahoe CA
Nappy Valley CA
Sacramento CA
San Francisco CA

Campervan Hire:

Original facebook uploading:

People in the video:

Music by: Eastern Odyssey


Equipment used in the video:
Camera 1:
Camera 2:
Main Lens:

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