Trump visits the U.S.-Mexico border

Trump visits the U.S.-Mexico border

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President Trump visits the border on the 20th day of a partial government shutdown over the funding of a proposed border wall. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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26 opinions on “Trump visits the U.S.-Mexico border”

  1. The close up of the door showing him exiting is a different door shown on the big pic of whole plane. Look at the U on the right side.

  2. Dem and Rep both need to learn to work together. This is embarrassing how both spread misleading information time to time.

  3. no wall!!!!!! ROW YOUR BANANA CARDBOARD BOATS FROM Cuba TO Florida IF YOU WANT TO ENTER INTO THE united States !!!!

  4. Declare a National Emergency. Send the military door to door, street by
    street, and town by town with the mission of removing every illegal,
    their anchor babies, and any extended family members to Mexico.
    Let Mexico sort it out.

  5. How stupid do you have to be to follow a narcissistic and choleric man? I scream, but nobody follows me! Pence has an IQ of a white bread, he's a water carrier, he's a zero! The GOP are a zero, no more heroes since McCain died!

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