You Won't Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela

You Won’t Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski and Jeff Berwick travel down to Caracas Venezuela to give you a report on how people live in socialism. We not only give you a detailed update on life in Caracas but a complete social and economic breakdown of the situation on the ground.

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30 opinions on “You Won’t Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela”

  1. Situation is bad enough. No need to take advantage by attacking socialist countries as if socialism rather than corruption and corrupt leaders was the problem here. . I'm not a big fan of socialism but some level of socialism is often successful. Most of the world has National health care. Ask people in France how good it is. Communism on the other hand has been a siste disaster almost everywhere it set foot.

  2. I had a minute to think about this. I'm 58 years old. Bernie isn't talking about that kind of socialism. Bernie is only talking about what YOUR PARENTS HAD. Somene has been brainwashed by the right. Free collage mean total economic failure is BULLSHIT.

  3. In 40 years nothings going to matter. Socialism or capitalism works. We are so fucked and its all turned so rotten. We need to go extinct.

  4. Bernie Sanders wants the USA to be like Denmark not Venezuela!  Denmark has the correct ratio of democratic socialism and capitalism. Denmark is wonderful country where every citizen is guaranteed healthcare, and access to higher education is based on merit rather than how much money you have. In Denmark you can be a capitalist entrepreneur and also be guaranteed a social safety net and a liveable wage.  Denmark is thriving with exactly what Bernie Sanders is proposing for us in America.  Below are 5 video links for you to watch. The first is a video of an honest representative of Denmark ripping apart a Fox right wing bias news ignorant commentator who absurdly tries to lump Denmark in with Venezuela:
    Here is the 2nd follow up YouTube video:
    Here is the 3rd video of Senator Bernie Sanders interviewing that representive of Denmark:
    Here is a 4th video, a bit older, in which Bernie explains his general positions:
    In this 5th video the famous economist Dr. Richard Wolff, PhD explains the complexities of the many different types of socialisms:
    Thank you for watching all 5 videos.

  5. Socialism will never work until greed is 100% absent….so I’ll jump on the socialistic bandwagon when that happens

  6. I think you need to take a look at the world outside the box, this is not the end, the end result of socialism! This is not socialism, it is sabotage made of braindead individuals! You journalists are supposed to report the truth of the reality! This is madness, not socialism.

  7. I love how they keep comparing the situation in Venezuela to the policies of people like Bernie Sanders. What kind of moron equates moderate social/economic policies with a open dictatorship and wide-spread corruption? The Venezuelan government is responsible for Venezuela's current problems, by purposely mismanaging their money, and then abandoning their people to the cartels. This is what's called a "Mafia State"…it's not "Socialism". I suppose you idiots also think the Nazi's were "Socialists" too…right?

    What you are seeing in Venezuela isn't the inevitable result of socialist policies…it's the inevitable result of systemic corruption, greed, and incompetence. This is what happens when the Cartels take over the government.

  8. Jeez. It's not socialism that destroyed Venezuela. It's corruption and incompetence. Any forms of government you put in place if corruption is at work, failure is inevitable.

  9. Compare these scenes with pre-Socialism, pre-Chavez. Ocasio-Cortez, open your…never mind…you don't have one. Then, open your bug eyes even wider.

  10. There are so many dumb people in the world that it is mind-boggling. It's not socialism that caused this. Russia is socialist. China is socialist, they are superpowers! Valenzuela is friends with Iran thus disagrees with Israeli policy of occupation and murder of innocent women and children in Palestine. Israel controls the United States government. US government put sanction on Valenzuela caused all of these problems in Valenzuela. Israel should be held accountable for hiding behind fake smiles and causing all the wars in the Middle East. Africa and South America. The latest Israeli adventure After Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, and many other places are now putting Brazil against Valenzuela, Cuba and possibly Columbia. Also, Israeli agents in American media and government trying to start a war with Iran. Israel pilots getting rich from the blood of innocent people around the world, especially Palestinian blood. Fuck Israel!


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